Council Members

COFT addresses issues for the entire fire service community for the state. The council is composed of wide representation, including:

  • Richard Kelley, Chairman, Team Leader of OK-TF1 representing the Professional Fire Fighters of Oklahoma. Term Expires - 2017
  • Matt Lay, representing the Oklahoma State Firefighters Association. Term Expires - 2016
  • Mike Karlin, representing the Oklahoma Fire Chiefs Association.  Term Expires - 2016

Appointees from the existing state agencies which work with the fire service:

  • James Suddath, Broken Arrow Fire Dept for the State Fire Marshal's Commission.  Term Expires - 2015
  • Bobby Johnson, Chandler Fire Dept representing the Rural Fire Coordinators.  Term Expires - 2015

Appointees from the following related agencies:

  • Jack Ellington, Vice Chair, representing Emergency Medical Services Division at the Oklahoma State Department of Health. Term Expires - 2016
  • Mike Bower, Midwest City's Emergency Manager representing the Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security.  Term Expires - 2017

The last three council member positions involve training providers which serve as ex-officio members:

  • the Director of Oklahoma State University - Fire Service Training or designee
  • the Director of International Fire Service Training Association at OSU or designee
  • the Director of Economic Development from the Oklahoma Department of Career Technology or designee

According to the original legislation, the council members serve three-year staggered terms of office at the pleasure of their appointing authorities.