Volunteer Training Incentive

The Oklahoma State Legislature created a tax credit incentive for volunteer firefighters who maintain certain levels of training.  Currently, there are two tax credits available: a $200 and a $400. 

 An amended tax return can be filed for up to three years prior (2013) to the current 2016 tax season.  For a firefighter’s personal first year, relevant training taken in previous years can be “grandfathered” in and used to apply for the $200 tax credit.  After being approved for a $200 tax credit, a firefighter can become eligible for a $400 tax credit in subsequent years, depending on the training taken.  In this way, it is possible to receive multiple tax credits at once.  For more information, see the table below.

Firefighter Amended Tax Credit Chart              


Tax Credit









 If a first time applicant had the necessary training and applied for all available years (using 2013 as his personal 1st year), he could be eligible for up to a $1400 tax credit.                                                              

It is important for a firefighter to receive his approved tax credit form (with the COFT seal in the lower right hand corner) from COFT before claiming the credit on taxes.  Filing without an approved form could cause future problems with the Oklahoma Tax Commission.  To view training requirements, filing instructions, and downloadable forms for a tax credit year, please click on the links below.