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WELCOME to the Council on Firefighter Training (COFT) Homepage. Here you can find resources for the Volunteer Firefighter Tax Credit and Firefighter Recognition Programs, read about past & present activities, and learn about COFT’s legislated responsibilities and council members.

Legislated Responsibilities:

  1. Identify firefighter training needs and set training goals for the State of Oklahoma
  2. Interact with the Department of Homeland Security on firefighter training and grants
  3. Administer and maintain incentive and recognition programs for Oklahoma firefighters
  4. Ensuring that the state has consistent basic and continuing education programs that include steps for all ranks or positions of career and volunteer firefighters, by setting minimum standards for career, recommended levels for volunteer, identifying training programs and courses required for fire service members to achieve those levels.
  5. Advise the Governor, Speaker of the House, President Pro Tempore, and the Oklahoma Fire Service on fire and emergency service training needs for the state.

If you would like to learn more about COFT’s history and responsibilities, please click the "About Us" link on the left.

News & Updates

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